Monday, May 14, 2007

Anatomy of a project 4

I really do love painting. At several points throughout tonight's foray into art I thought, "I should stop and take a picture right now," but I just couldn't stop myself. It's 11pm right now so I decided I'd better let it go for a while.
P.S. The hardest part of encausticising a VanGogh is the outlines. If you ever get a good look at his work, notice the outlines. He outlines everything. If you can make it work it gives the piece a nice "coloring page" feel while you're working, but making it work is tricky. Looking at this photo, I can't even see all those outlines I just spent so long on. But I know it makes all the difference in the painting.

A few more days and I may actually finish this one.

We'll see.


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