Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More paintings

This VanGogh was done quite a while back. It's really small and not one of my favorites, but the colors are good. The parts that look like blades of grass peeking over the edge to the right are. I took the photo outside and the lawn needs tending.

This one is a Joseph Raphael called The New Blue Door. I re-did it today and like it much better now......darn the original and full speed ahead!

This painting is no longer in my posession.

This is a Renoir. I think this one actually looks better in photo than real life. That's not normal with encaustics. Renoir's are hard to do encaustic. I think I'll finally quit trying now....except for that onion still life I love so much.

There are a couple more to photograph. I'll do that tomorrow.....I hope.

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