Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Anatomy of a project 1

First, you have a friend tell you that he'd really like a painting of VanGogh's Pipe and Chair. Then you think about it and fret about it and put it off for 6 months or so. Then your friend puts a guilt trip on you. Then you clean off your art desk and start to begin to prep for doing this painting.

Like so:
Then you stop to finish work for the end of the school year.
Hopefully, you do more work on it when your school projects are done.
This is a painting I've done before and for some reason that makes it harder for me to do. Once I've done it and liked it I'm always afraid to attempt it again. What if I totally screw it up this time?....or something along those lines. I'll try to keep the blog updated as I work. If anybody's out there reading this and you see that it's been an unreasonably long time without an update on this painting, drop me a line via the Comments and nudge me with a little guilt. It's good for me.


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